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The ultimate engine for 2D games

- powered by King

The new game engine from King.

Defold lets you quickly build high performing, cross-platform games together with your team.

Performance is key

Performance concerns everything. Not only run time, but everything that has to do with creating a game.

  • 1 codebase – 6 platforms
  • Lightweight overhead on HTML5
  • Live test over WiFi on device
Defold editor screenshot 2

Create with Defold

Defold is made for working in teams – everything is always in sync. See your changes live in your game, without the need for a new build.


Is Defold really free?

Yes, the Defold engine and editor with full functionality is completely free of charge. No hidden costs, fees or royalties. Just free.

Can I trust Defold for professional development?

Yes, we believe in "eating your own dogfood" and use it ourselves at King to develop several of our games.

Why are you releasing Defold free?

It may seem out of the ordinary, that a commercial game company releases its core technology for free, but here’s how we see it: the more people who use Defold, the better the engine will be. By releasing Defold to the community, everyone can help making Defold better, by creating tutorials, by finding bugs, improving the documentation, and much more. And since King uses Defold internally, every day – the better the engine gets, the happier our internal developers will be. We believe great tech attracts great talent. All in all, we believe this ultimately leads to better games – not only for us at King, but for all game developers.

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”It’s about letting teams focus on building games, not the tech to build games.”

Ragnar Svensson Lead Engine Developer at Defold

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