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The Defold Foundation is awarded a grant from Grant for the Web

By Björn Ritzl on Jun 09, 2020

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The Defold Foundation is awarded a grant from Grant for the Web to bring the Web Monetization standard to web games.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - June. 9, 2020 - The Defold Foundation today announced that it was awarded a grant from Grant for the Web to explore the use of Web Monetization in games. The Defold Foundation will use the grant to integrate, promote and support the use of Web Monetization in web games created using Defold. The Defold Foundation will integrate Web Monetization through its plugin system, promote it through examples and tutorials and host a game jam focused on Web Monetization.

“Web Monetization is an exciting new and non-intrusive way for game developers to monetize their creations while at the same time offering premium content to their paying players. The grant we have received from Grant for the Web will allow us to explore this new way of monetizing web games and we are excited to see it adopted by Defold developers,” said Defold Product Owner Björn Ritzl.

The Web Monetization game jam, which will be hosted later this year, will have cash prizes, a jury consisting of well known names from the games industry and it will be open to all game developers and game engines.

“Most HTML5 game developers face major discoverability and monetization challenges. That’s why we’re elated that the Defold Foundation is bringing the Web Monetization standard to their toolchain and game engine. This will open the door for indie game designers to experiment with open source tooling and explore much-needed alternative revenue sources”, said Grant for the Web Co-creator & Chair of the Advisory Council, Desigan Chinniah.

About Grant for the Web

Grant for the Web is a $100 million fund that enables content creators and software developers to adopt and advance Web Monetization and the Interledger Protocol: open standards for better, alternative online business models that benefit the public good. Grant for the Web is funded and led by Coil, working in collaboration with founding collaborators Mozilla and Creative Commons.

About Web Monetization

Web Monetization is a proposed API standard that allows websites to request a stream of very small payments (e.g. fractions of a cent) from a user. In exchange for payments from the user, websites can provide the user with a “premium” experience, such as allowing access to exclusive content, removing advertising, or even removing the need to log in to access content or services.

About Defold Foundation

The Defold Foundation is the owner of the free to use, developer-friendly and source available game engine Defold. The foundation works together with industry partners to provide free and open software and services to game developers across the globe. The foundation was created in May 2020 and is registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Defold

Defold is a free to use, source available, game engine with a developer-friendly license used for development of cross-platform games. Defold is used by a growing number of developers to create commercial hits as well as games for game jams and in schools to teach game development. Defold is known for its ease of use and it is praised for its technical documentation and friendly community of developers.


Sara Cederberg Chairperson, Defold Foundation sara@defold.se

Björn Ritzl Product Owner, Defold Foundation bjorn@defold.se +46 704 335333