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GameDistribution joins the Defold Foundation

By Björn Ritzl on Dec 15, 2020

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The Defold Foundation welcomes GameDistribution as a corporate partner. The Defold Foundation will work together with GameDistribution to offer their publishing services to Defold developers

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Dec. 15, 2020 - The Defold Foundation today announced that GameDistribution joins the foundation as a corporate partner. The Defold Foundation will work together with GameDistribution to offer their publishing services to Defold developers.

“We are very happy to welcome GameDistribution as a Defold Foundation corporate partner. In the past year Defold has seen a steady increase in popularity among web game developers and thanks to the partnership with GameDistribution we are now able to offer a great way for our developers to increase the reach and revenue of their web games,” said Defold Product Owner Björn Ritzl.

As a part of the partnership the Defold Foundation will integrate the GameDistribution SDK with the Defold game engine and make the SDK available to all Defold developers through the Defold asset portal. The GameDistribution SDK will allow developers to monetize and distribute their games to over 2000 publishers. Defold developers will also get access to sample projects, documentation and a step-by-step guide to get started with GameDistribution in Defold.

“We are excited to partner up with the Defold Foundation as the Defold game engine is used by a rapidly increasing number of developers. As the biggest distributor of webgames in the world, we see a win-win situation for all parties, as we can connect more quality games to our large network of game publishers. By adding the Defold GameDistribution SDK, game developers can easily make their games available to 2000+ publishers and we take care of monetization and games marketing.” says Yuliya Nabieva, Director of Content Licensing & Production at Azerion.

About GameDistribution

GameDistribution is the biggest broker of high quality, cross-platform games. The GameDistribution network serves over 300M users a month with top HTML5 content. With over 2,000 web publishers on the platform, GameDistribution connects the best game developers to the biggest web publishers. GameDistribution is a platform, owned by Azerion.

About Azerion

Azerion is a global tech company in the media and entertainment business, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Hundreds of millions of people play our games and watch our videos. Advertisers reach massive audiences and targeted groups with our tech. Publishers earn top revenue with our tech and engage quality audiences with our content. Uniquely, Azerion works across these groups. We spot synergies, find efficiencies and weave together the best strands from our business for each of our users.

Azerion: content, reach, revenue, engagement — a million possibilities

About Defold Foundation

The Defold Foundation is the owner of the free to use, developer-friendly and source available game engine Defold. The foundation works together with industry partners to provide free and open software and services to game developers across the globe. The foundation was created in May 2020 and is registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Defold

Defold is a free to use, source available, game engine with a developer-friendly license used for development of cross-platform games. Defold is used by a growing number of developers to create commercial hits as well as games for game jams and in schools to teach game development. Defold is known for its ease of use and it is praised for its technical documentation and friendly community of developers.


Sara Cederberg Chairperson, Defold Foundation sara@defold.se

Björn Ritzl Product Owner, Defold Foundation bjorn@defold.se +46 704 335333