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DefoldCon summary

By Björn Ritzl on Mar 21, 2022

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Last week we had the pleasure of inviting our community to join an online Defold Conference event, streamed to our YouTube channel. The event agenda:

State of Defold

Björn Ritzl During this presentation we shared a recap of Defold in 2021 and presented that the Defold team will be growing in 2022.


How we ended up using AI in a game about AI

Marius Petcu / Critique Gaming In this presentation Marius will show how his team gave the AI in Good Morning AI a voice using Amazon Polly and a sound effect stack.


Building games with Scene3D in Defold

Artsiom Trubchyk / Indiesoft In this presentation, Artsiom will share how they started experimenting with 3D games in Defold and ended up releasing Scene3D, a collection of scripts to get into 3D game development with Defold faster.


The making of Plague Lords

Konstantin Slepchenkov / Red Unit Studios Plague Lords is a dark fantasy strategy game set in the mid 14th century during the Black Death. Learn how Konstantin and his team at Red Unit Studios used Defold to their advantage throughout the development process.


Blender Sync Tool

David Lannan David will demonstrate how to use the Blender Sync Tool plugin to get almost instant import from Blender to an open Defold project.


Open Q & A with the Defold Team

  • Björn Ritzl, Mathias Westerdahl, Alexey Gulev The evening will end with an open Q & A session with the Defold Team. The team will answer questions posted in the YouTube Live chat as well as questions asked in advance in the Defold forum. Ask your questions in advance here.