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The Defold Foundation partners with Poki

By Björn Ritzl on Nov 23, 2023

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The Defold Foundation partners with Poki as a preferred partner for web game developers on Poki.com

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Nov. 23, 2023 - The Defold Foundation today announced a partnership with Poki as a preferred partner for web game developers on Poki.com. The Defold Foundation will work together with Poki to integrate the Defold game engine and services with the leading platform for web games.

“Poki has been a favorite platform for Defold developers for a long time. With this partnership we get a chance to build an even stronger game engine for web games and introduce Defold to new developers on Poki”, said Defold Product Owner Björn Ritzl.

The Defold Foundation will work on general performance improvements to the web version of the Defold game engine and build new integrations specifically for the Poki platform and services. The new integrations and performance improvements will be developed iteratively and primarily released in sync with the monthly stable releases of the Defold game engine.

“We’re super excited to kickstart this new partnership. Defold has been instrumental in powering some of the biggest hits on the web such as Monkey Mart (by Tinydobbins) and Cow Bay (by 7Spot Games). By teaming up it will become a lot easier for Defold developers to join the platform, reach millions of players, and utilize our set of game development tools”, said Joep van Duinen, Head of Game Developer Operations & Partnerships at Poki.

About Poki

Poki is on a mission to create the ultimate online playground: a platform for play where players and game developers come together to play and create. Based in Amsterdam, they reach 50 million monthly players on desktop and mobile devices, making them the global leaders in the web games market. The games on their platform are created by a diverse game developer community of over 350 game developer teams from 62 different countries. Got a game? Submit it via developers.poki.com.

About Defold Foundation

The Defold Foundation is the owner of the free to use game engine Defold. The foundation works together with industry partners to provide free and open software and services to game developers across the globe. The foundation was created in May 2020 and is registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Defold

Defold is a free to use, source available, game engine with a developer-friendly license used for development of cross-platform games. Defold is used by a growing number of developers to create commercial hits as well as games for game jams and in schools to teach game development. Defold is known for its ease of use and it is praised for its technical documentation and friendly community of developers.


Joep van Duinen Head of Game Developer Operations & Partnerships at Poki joep@poki.com Got a game? Submit via developers.poki.com

Björn Ritzl Product Owner, Defold Foundation bjorn@defold.se