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Defold adds support for PlayStation®5

By Björn Ritzl on Feb 29, 2024

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The Defold Foundation is pleased to announce that the Defold game engine now officially supports PlayStation®5 game development.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - February 29, 2024 - The Defold Foundation today announced the immediate availability of PlayStation®5 game development in the Defold game engine for approved PlayStation developers. Access to the required tools, documentation and source code will be granted free of charge.

Approved PlayStation developers will be able to set up Defold and build their games for PlayStation 5 in a matter of minutes.

“Adding PS5™ support to Defold was the next logical step after our announcement of PS4™ support in June, 2023. We are looking forward to playing some of our favorite games made with Defold on PlayStation®5!”, said Defold Product Owner Björn Ritzl.

About Defold Foundation

The Defold Foundation is the owner of the free to use, developer-friendly and source available game engine Defold. The foundation works together with industry partners to provide free and open software and services to game developers across the globe. The foundation was created in May 2020 and is registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Defold

Defold is a free to use, source available, game engine with a developer-friendly license used for development of cross-platform games. Defold is used by a growing number of developers to create commercial hits as well as games for game jams and in schools to teach game development. Defold is known for its ease of use and it is praised for its technical documentation and friendly community of developers.


Björn Ritzl Product Owner, Defold Foundation bjorn@defold.se +46 704 335333

Mathias Westerdahl CTO, Defold Foundation mathias@defold.se

PlayStation is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Learn more about how to start developing for PlayStation®5 using Defold in the PlayStation®5 platform manual.