Defold Community Donations

The Defold Foundation is funding Defold development through community donations, corporate partners, partnership deals and support contracts. The funds received from donations are used for hiring developers to work on Defold, pay for hosting of services, purchase of hardware for testing and development and to pay for travel expenses when attending conferences.

Community donations

The Defold community of individuals and teams of developers are invited to support Defold development through one-time or recurring donations, starting at $3 per month up to a maximum of $250 per month. The current community donation goal and the community donation rewards and benefits, which are awarded based on the size of your contribution, can be seen below:

Rewards and benefits
Community donation goal
  • A forum badge and title that will show you as a community sponsor
  • Recognition in our newsletter
  • Invites to test new functionality before everyone else
  • Mention in the community donors section on the Defold webpage
  • Defold T-Shirt and other swag
  • Nintendo Switch access and other functionality only available to community donors
  • Free one-on-one support sessions every month

The Defold native extension build servers are hosted with AWS and provided completely free of charge to all of our users. The cost is roughly $1300/month and paid for in full by the Defold Foundation. Our goal is that 50% of the cost should be paid from community donations. If you wish to support us and help keep the servers running then please join as a monthly sponsor or increase your existing monthly donation.

$595 of $650

(As of 2021-04-12)

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Other ways to support Defold

If you do not wish to support Defold through a donation you can still contribute in other ways. As a free to use, source available, project Defold accepts community contributions to any part of the product, including, but not limited to, the engine, editor, extensions and documentation.

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