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Bring me Cakes

Bring me Cakes is a brand new game based on a famous old story. You are playing as the Little Red Riding Hood who is carrying cakes to her sweet Granny. Granny in turn is waiting for you all the gameplay time. So don’t make her upset!

Developer Potatojam
Release date 2016
Platforms iOS, Android

Look Your Loot

A card based Dungeon Crawler with bits of magic and simple rules. You'll get a set of cards with the one representing your brave hero, which you move one step left or right, or up, or down. The hero is to go through dungeons, unlock chests, drink elixir, collect coins, cast fireballs, avoid spiked traps, defeat bosses. Break into a number of leaderboards!

Developer Dragosha
Release date 2017
Platforms iOS, Android, Yandex.Games


Blastlands is an intense 3D multiplayer battle arena game, made by Strange Quest studio.

Developer Strange Quest
Release date 2019
Platforms iOS, Android

Blossom Blast Saga

Join the buzz, play Blossom Blast Saga and follow Blossom the bee as you link your way through bee-autiful gardens full of colorful buds. Watch out for those weeds, the more flowers you grow the better!

Developer King
Release date 2016
Platforms iOS, Android


JUUMP is a fast-paced, endless arcade climber. Super quick to learn but highly rewarding to master. Jump, slide and dodge through a dangerous world. How far can you get?.

Developer Winkel Games
Publisher Winkel Games
Release date July 2020
Platforms Android, iOS

Solitaire Towers Tournaments

Do you play Classic Solitaire, Pyramid, Freecell, Mahjong, Spider, Tripeaks Solitaire or other card puzzle free games? Solitaire fans and card puzzle games fans will love the Solitaire Towers Tournaments (also known as Towers, Tri peaks, Triple Peaks or Three Peaks)! Our puzzle game is a relaxing and challenging free card solitaire with new and unique concepts of playing solitaire games! Explore the world of Solitaire Towers Tournaments, the classic card game which allows you to train your brain with hundreds of entertaining solitaire card puzzles.

Developer XI-ART Sp.z o.o.
Publisher XI-ART Sp.z o.o.
Release date August 2021
Platforms iOS,Android,HTML5

Word Search: Connect Letters

Find as many words as you can! Train your mind and vocabulary!

Developer OpenMyGame
Release date 2019
Platforms Yandex.Games

Onet Paradise

Find two identical tiles that can be connected with THREE or less straight lines!

Developer Potato Jam
Release date 2017
Platforms iOS, Android

Marginalia Hero

Feel the real medieval weirdness when you fight creatures and monsters painted by real medieval artists more than 5 centuries ago.

Developer Kebab Games
Publisher Crescent Moon Games
Release date April 2019
Platforms Android, iOS

Verb Challenge

Verb Challenge Spanish is a verb conjugation puzzle that will help you to master the conjugation of the 100 more common Spanish verbs in no time.

Developer Alberto Ramirez Lujano
Release date 2019
Platforms iOS, Android

Robo Settlers

Your new robot friends will assist you in settling in new planets and exploring the universe! But that's not all, you will find new amazing experimental technology! Super Robo's are unique with their effects and visuals. They will play a crucial part in your space exploration quest!

Developer Sneakybox
Release date 2017
Platforms iOS, Android

Pet Petters

Meet Fluffy the cat, Rufus the dog, Leo the Gekko, Lori the rabbit and other adorable pets in this addicting idle petting game.

Developer Seepia Games
Release date 2017
Platforms iOS, Android

Blocks Unlock

Blocks Unlock is a puzzle game where you have to clean levels by filling rows and columns picking from random blocks.

Developer lrx
Release date October 2019
Platforms Android

Merge Shooter 2048

Tap the screen and take a shot. Trying to score high!

Release date 2020
Platforms Android

The Belt

As commander of an elite air force combat space ship you enter the asteroid field to collect minerals. Whilst collecting minerals and weapon powerups you will find that alien races already occupy and defend their claim to ownership of the asteroid fields. Your survival depends on defeating the waves of enemies and bosses that the invaders from another galaxy send at you.

Developer tremorBlue
Release date 2021
Platforms Android,HTML5,GameDistribution

Fruit Mahjong

Keep your brain smart and sharp! Find and connect two identical images within 3 straight lines!

Developer Potato Jam
Release date 2020
Platforms HTML5

Fruit Mahjong

By Potato Jam