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Defold is a cross platform game engine with a proven track record of game releases on mobile, web, desktop and consoles. If you are a publisher looking to publish a game made with Defold you can rest assured that we've got your back!

Ready for action

We understand how important it is for publishers to be able to effortlessly integrate popular analytics, app economy and game services in their games. We have an extensive list of integrations ready for integration in Defold games. Examples:

  • AdMob
  • Apple Game Center
  • Apple Push Notification service
  • Facebook
  • Gameanalytics
  • Google Play Game Services
  • Google Play Instant
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • IronSource
  • In-app purchases for iOS, Android and Amazon

There are many more integrations to discover in our Asset Portal. Are you missing an integration? Let us know and we can work with you to create the integration!

Stable and well tested

Defold is actively developed, with a new release every month. Each release goes through a two week beta period where the engine is tested by our global community of developers. This approach with short development cycles help us catch issues early, which in turn results in short turnaround time for fixes and a stable and well tested game engine at all times.

We also work closely with platform holders such as Google and Apple to ensure that the engine and tools are always kept up-to-date with the latest OS versions. Defold is in fact one of the few game engines recommended by Google for Android game development.

Technical Support

We can assist you with technical issues or questions that may arise during or after the publishing processs. Please reach out to us to discuss which level of support you need!

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