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Solitaire Towers Tournaments

Do you play Classic Solitaire, Pyramid, Freecell, Mahjong, Spider, Tripeaks Solitaire or other card puzzle free games? Solitaire fans and card puzzle games fans will love the Solitaire Towers Tournaments (also known as Towers, Tri peaks, Triple Peaks or Three Peaks)! Our puzzle game is a relaxing and challenging free card solitaire with new and unique concepts of playing solitaire games! Explore the world of Solitaire Towers Tournaments, the classic card game which allows you to train your brain with hundreds of entertaining solitaire card puzzles.

Developer XI-ART Sp.z o.o.
Publisher XI-ART Sp.z o.o.
Release date August 2021
Platforms iOS,Android,HTML5


Zoom-Be is a collaborative platformer in which you help two memorable zombie characters escape an evil facility using a little bit of logic and the magic of friendship. Help Zoom and Be avoid traps, destroy objects, solve puzzles and carry each other to freedom - literally!

Developer Flazm
Publisher Poki
Release date
Platforms Poki,iOS,Android,HTML5


Interrogation is a difficult noire detective game about ethics, morality, radicalization and the nature of authority. Strategically manage the special police department tasked with bringing down a terrorist organization which threatens the very structure of society: The Liberation Front.

Developer Critique Gaming
Publisher Mixtvision
Release date 2019
Platforms Desktop

Fates of Ort

Fates of Ort is a retro inspired fantasy RPG with a focus on strategic action and a story driven by your decisions. It is a tale of sacrifice and difficult choices, in a world under threat of annihilation by the avaricious force of consumption magic.

Developer 8bitskull
Release date 2020
Platforms Desktop (Steam)

Taxi Town

Try on the role of a taxi driver in our new taxi simulator. Complete tasks of various types as a driver and choose your favorite car from a collection of more than 30 incredible cars. We take the taxi simulator to the next level! Start your taxi driver car on a simple car and drive through an enormous amount of cities to reach the top.

Developer DashApps
Release date April 2020
Platforms iOS

Family Island

What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

Developer Melsoft
Release date 2019
Platforms iOS, Android

Raft Wars Multiplayer

An online PvP battle game. Construct your own raft, take it into battle and bring along some handy weapons and ammo. As you're pitted against an online opponent your goal is to toss projectiles until you have smashed your rival, together with their raft, to pieces!

Developer Tiny Dobbins and Martijn Kunst
Release date 2019
Platforms Poki, iOS, Android

Solitaire Jazz Travel

Train your brain by solving card puzzles in our Solitaire Jazz Travel game! Do you enjoy playing solitaire games but in bored of many similar card games like Freecell, Hearts, Spider, Tripeaks, Club, Diamond, Pyramid, Golf or Mahjong? In this case, our solitaire card puzzle game is just right for you!

Developer BigButton Co Sp.z o.o.
Publisher BigButton Co Sp.z o.o.
Release date April 2021
Platforms iOS,Android,HTML5

Travel Blast

Exotic countries filled with puzzles and memorable levels are waiting for you! Match blocks and have a blast — literally! Solve puzzles and overcome challenges. If you don't do it, who will?

Developer MP Games
Release date July 2020
Platforms Android, iOS

Monster Duo

Enter an enchanting world full of wonders, monsters, and match-making adventure with Monster Duo!

Developer WHAT (games)
Release date
Platforms iOS, Android

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

Match cards, rescue Faeries, and raise Magical Pets as you explore the many and vast enchanted worlds of Faerie Solitaire Harvest!

Developer Subsoap
Publisher Puppygames
Release date 2019
Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop

Bouncer Story

Bouncer Story is a retro styled RPG/management game. The game has a unique setting of playing as a bouncer at a bar and the story evolves based on the choices you make in the game. You need to balance your incomes wisely to make your living and pay back your gambling debt to the mafia.

Developer Helmi Games
Release date 2019
Platforms iOS, Android

Monkey Kick

Help Monkey Kick Furball to the hills and beyond! Can you beat your Facebook friends?

Developer Totebo Ltd
Publisher Miniclip
Release date 2019
Platforms Facebook Instant Games

Witchcrafter: Empire Legends

A gripping adventure RPG platformer with element based magic system, vivid world and a compelling, dark fantasy story with interesting characters with their own past, motives and relations with each other.

Developer Paweł Jarosz
Release date Late 2020
Platforms HTML5 and Desktop

Lunar Orbit

It is a game that will show you how easy and simple physics works in the space! You control the asteroid. It contains elements that can create life when they interact with water. Guide the asteroid to blue planets to inhabit them.

Developer DashApps
Release date April 2020
Platforms iOS


A frantic sidescrolling shooter that throws wave after wave of hideous, alien foes at you, while you collect precious minerals, evade whirling asteroids and blast your way through a barrage of enemy fire. You discover new technologies and equip increasingly better and bigger ships with faster engines, heavier armor, tougher shields, smarter sensors and more powerful guns and missiles. Play for free - free as in 'no ads', 'no in-app sales', just plain fun!

Developer Lutz Harder
Publisher Lunius Entertainment
Release date Jan 2020
Platforms iOS


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