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Defold Newsletter 41

By Björn Ritzl on Jun 30, 2020

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Hello, Defolder! 👋

A lot of things have happened since the last newsletter was sent only a week ago. We have an extension update, some project milestones and goals, Nintendo Switch support and an online conference for HTML5 developers.

Defold has added support for Nintendo Switch

Last week the Defold Foundation announced the immediate availability of Nintendo Switch support for the Defold game engine. Nintendo Switch is the first console supported by Defold. Approved Nintendo Switch developers can request access to Defold through the Nintendo Developer Portal. Access will be granted to Defold community members with Nintendo Switch included in their membership tier. Source code access is available as a separate membership tier. LEARN MORE

HTML5 Game Developer Day, July 7

Defold is a great platform for cross platform game development as well as game development directly targeting platforms such as Facebook Instant Games and web game portals such as Poki, itch.io and Kongregate.

A lot of Defold developers have earned quite a bit of success on the web already and the Defold Foundation actively encourages opportunities for more Defold developers to reach a wide audience with their HTML5 games. One such opportunity is the HTML5 Game Developer Day on July 7. The WN hub platform presents the event like this:

_On July 7, the WN Hub platform hosts HTML5 Game Developer Day - the free event for the game developers creating their projects on HTML5.

This is the opportunity to

  • showcase your game at the Devs Expo
  • get support from major platforms, publishers and investors
  • learn from speakers
  • exchange knowledge with other devs

Leading experts from OK.ru, Facebook, Snapchat, SoftGames, CoolGames, Cocos Creator, Mojiworks and Black Snowflake will share their vision on the market and their case studies. The full program is available on the website.

We strongly recommend not only register for the event, but also showcase the game to attract as much attention to your project as possible and receive valuable feedback from other teams and experts. Fill out the short form if you want to show your game and make the most out of your participation._

Nakama update

The Defold Foundation announced a corporate partnership with Heroic Labs a month ago and the Defold extension for the Nakama backend services for online and multiplayer games was launched at the same time. The extension has received several updates to fix bugs and improve existing features. The extension includes support for user accounts, chat, social, matchmaker, realtime multiplayer, and much more.

Updated community sponsor goal

The Defold Foundation announced a new community sponsor goal for community sponsors on GitHub:

GOAL: COVER 50% OF NATIVE EXTENSION BUILD SERVER COSTS FROM GITHUB SPONSORS The Defold native extension build servers are hosted with AWS and provided completely free of charge to all of our users. The cost is roughly $1300/month and paid for in full by the Defold Foundation. If you wish to support us and help keep the servers running then please join as a monthly sponsor or increase your existing monthly donation.

1k stars on GitHub!

Sometimes it’s worth to take a moment to celebrate small victories and achievements. One such small achievement occurred when Defold reached 1000 stars on GitHub. STAR US ON GITHUB!