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Defold Newsletter 21.10

By Björn Ritzl on May 22, 2021

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The Defold Foundation turns one year!

The Defold Foundation was created exactly one year ago today! A lot has been achieved despite launching the foundation amidst a pandemic. New users, new corporate partners, new features and great games. Read on for a retrospective of the first year of the foundation.


Portal Billiards

Portal Billiards brings an interesting twist to billiards.

“In this billiards game variant, pockets are not just pockets. These are Portals!”

Released on itch.io, GameDistribution and Yandex.Games.


Weird Reflections

“A Weird portal has opened up in the lab and it’s your job to make sure nothing gets out! Unfortunately your are just an Assistant Scientist, so your budget for tools to protect the world is limited. Well, at least you’re not off doing fetch-quests or collecting the 10 crucially important boar hides!”


Developer Case Study: Mahjong Cards

In this blog post we’ll look at the development process for Mahjong Cards, a game developed by Indiesoft Llc and launched on Yandex.Games a few months ago.


Dear ImGUI

Dear ImGui is an extremely popular immediate mode graphical user interface library with a huge selection of graphical components. You can use it for in-game tools, debugging info or even game UI.


###glTF loader

Forum user David Lannan has created a complete example project for loading glTF models into Defold mesh components. Supports Albedo, Metallic Roughness, Emissive and Normal texture loading.


Community donation goal

The Defold native extension build servers are hosted with AWS and provided completely free of charge to all of our users. Our goal is that 50% of the cost should be covered by community donations.

Currently at $620 of $650


Defold 1.2.183 Beta

The latest Defold version has been released. The new version contains several new features as well as a batch of bug fixes and minor changes.