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Is Defold production ready?

By Björn Ritzl on Sep 28, 2023

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Is Defold production ready?

From time to time we get asked if Defold is production ready. A valid question to ask of any game engine! Our answer: “Yes, Defold is without a doubt a reliable and production ready game engine.”. Read on to learn why.

Is Defold ready for mobile?

Yes! Check out Family Island, a popular farming game released for iOS and Android. The game is developed by Melsoft Games and has more than 50M installs on Android. Download Family Island on the AppStore or on Google Play.

Other great mobile games made with Defold are:

Did you know that Defold is one of the few game engines recommended by Google for Android game development? It is true! Learn how to get started with Android game development using Defold on the official Android developer pages.

As a publisher we know how important it is to be able to effortlessly integrate popular analytics, app economy and game services in the games you publish. Publishers, do not worry! We got your back! Learn more about we can offer publishers.

Is Defold ready for HTML5?

Yes! There are many really successful games released on Poki and similar portals. On Poki alone, games such as Monkey Mart, ZomboTag, Duo Vikings and Fish Eat Fish generated over 220M plays in 2022!

Is Defold ready for desktop and console?

Definitely! Check out what developer 8BitSkull is doing with Void Scrappers, a space themed horde survival game, released on Steam and Switch. Be sure to also check out Bore Blasters, Fates of Ort and Interrogation!

So what are you waiting for? Why not give Defold a try yourself? Download Defold today!