Getting started

The Defold engine and editor are powerful tools with a lot of features and functionality to learn. To help you on your way we have created a variety of tutorials. Many of the tutorials are available directly from within the editor which makes them very easy to get started with.

Starting a tutorial from the editor

When you run the Defold editor, you are presented with a project selection and creation screen. From here you can easily select which tutorial you want to try out:

  1. Start Defold.
  2. Select New Project on the left.
  3. Select the From Tutorial tab.
  4. Select a tutorial that you are interested in.
  5. Select a location for the project on your local drive.
  6. Click Create New Project.

create project

The editor now automatically downloads the tutorial project, opens it in the editor and opens the tutorial text (the “README” file in the project root).

tutorial text

Now follow the tutorial text! If you want to get back to the text, double click the “README” file in the Assets view. You can also right click the tab of open files and select Move to Other Tab Pane to view the tutorial text side by side with the file you are working on.

side by side

If you are totally new to Defold, you might also want to check out the editor introduction.

If you ever get stuck, please head over to the Defold Forum where you will get help from the Defold developers and many friendly users.

Happy Defolding!

Did you spot an error or do you have a suggestion? Please let us know on GitHub!