Defold advertising info extension API documentation

This extension provides a unified, simple to use interface to get the advertising id and status on iOS and Android.


To use this library in your Defold project, add the following URL to your game.project dependencies:

We recommend using a link to a zip file of a specific release.


The extension can be configured by adding the following fields to game.project:

tracking_usage_description = We would like to show you relevant ads.
register_for_attribution = 1


Before requesting advertising info and status on iOS 14 the application must request user authorization to access app-related data for tracking the user or the device. This is done automatically when adinfo.get() is called. The string set in adinfo.tracking_usage_description will be shown to the user.

Apple documentation:

Note: If this field is omitted the generated Info.plist file will not contain a <key>NSUserTrackingUsageDescription</key> key and value.


The extension can automatically register the application for ad network attribution using SkAdNetwork and the registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution() function. Enable this functionality by setting adinfo.register_for_attribution to 1 in game.project.

Apple documentation:


function init(self)
    adinfo.get(function(self, info)
      print(info.ad_ident, info.ad_tracking_enabled)

Source code

The source code is available on GitHub

API reference

API Reference - adinfo