Defold Permissions documentation

This extension provides functions to query for and request application permissions from the user or operating system. At the moment it supports only Android.


To use this library in your Defold project, add the needed version URL to your game.project dependencies from Releases


Defold Setup

To be able to use the extension, it’s enough to install it. However, there are some limitations that exist. For example:

  • to be able to request a permission, it should be added in AndroidManifest.xml;
  • some permissions should be requested individually;
  • etc

Read the official Android Request runtime permissions documentation for a better understanding of the process.


The API uses a callback based system where events and data coming from the OS are passed to the game client through a callback function. Example is availible in the repository.

Source code

The source code is available on GitHub

API reference

API Reference - permissions