Keyboard shortcuts

Default shortcuts

Command Windows macOS Linux
Add A A A
Add secondary Shift+A Shift+A Shift+A
Backwards tab trigger Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Beginning of file Ctrl+Home Cmd+Up Ctrl+Home
Beginning of line   Ctrl+A  
Beginning of line text Home Home Home
Build Ctrl+B Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W Ctrl+W
Close all Shift+Ctrl+W Shift+Cmd+W Shift+Ctrl+W
Continue F5 F5 F5
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Delete Delete Delete Delete
Delete backward Backspace Backspace Backspace
Delete line   Ctrl+D  
Delete next word Ctrl+Delete Alt+Delete Ctrl+Delete
Delete prev word Ctrl+Backspace Alt+Backspace Ctrl+Backspace
Delete to end of line Shift+Ctrl+Delete Cmd+Delete Shift+Ctrl+Delete
Documentation F1 F1 F1
Down Down Down Down
Edit breakpoint Alt+F9 Alt+F9 Alt+F9
End of file Ctrl+End Cmd+Down Ctrl+End
End of line End Ctrl+E End
Enter Enter Enter Enter
Erase tool Shift+E Shift+E Shift+E
Escape Esc Esc Esc
Find next Ctrl+G, Enter Cmd+G, Enter Ctrl+G, Enter
Find prev Shift+Ctrl+G, Shift+Enter Shift+Cmd+G, Shift+Enter Shift+Ctrl+G, Shift+Enter
Find references Shift+F12 Shift+F12 Shift+F12
Find text Ctrl+F Cmd+F Ctrl+F
Frame selection F F F
Goto definition F12 F12 F12
Goto line Ctrl+L Cmd+L Ctrl+L
Hide selected Ctrl+E Cmd+E Ctrl+E
Hot reload Ctrl+R Cmd+R Ctrl+R
Left Left Left Left
Move down Alt+Down Alt+Down Alt+Down
Move tool W W W
Move up Alt+Up Alt+Up Alt+Up
New file Ctrl+N Cmd+N Ctrl+N
Next word Ctrl+Right Alt+Right Ctrl+Right
Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O Ctrl+O
Open asset Shift+Ctrl+R Cmd+P Shift+Ctrl+R
Page down Page Down Page Down Page Down
Page up Page Up Page Up Page Up
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Preferences Ctrl+Comma Cmd+Comma Ctrl+Comma
Prev word Ctrl+Left Alt+Left Ctrl+Left
Proposals Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
Quit Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q Ctrl+Q
Realign camera Period Period Period
Rebuild Shift+Ctrl+B Shift+Cmd+B Shift+Ctrl+B
Rebundle Ctrl+U Cmd+U Ctrl+U
Recent files Alt+R Ctrl+R Alt+R
Redo Shift+Ctrl+Z Shift+Cmd+Z Shift+Ctrl+Z
Reindent Ctrl+I Ctrl+I Ctrl+I
Rename F2 F2 F2
Reopen closed file Shift+Ctrl+T Shift+Cmd+T Shift+Ctrl+T
Replace next Shift+Ctrl+H Alt+Cmd+G Shift+Ctrl+H
Replace text   Alt+Cmd+F  
Right Right Right Right
Rotate tool E E E
Save all Ctrl+S Cmd+S Ctrl+S
Scale tool R R R
Scene stop Ctrl+T Cmd+T Ctrl+T
Search in files Shift+Ctrl+F Shift+Cmd+F Shift+Ctrl+F
Select all Ctrl+A Cmd+A Ctrl+A
Select beginning of file Shift+Ctrl+Home Shift+Cmd+Up Shift+Ctrl+Home
Select beginning of line   Shift+Ctrl+A  
Select beginning of line text Shift+Home Shift+Home Shift+Home
Select down Shift+Down Shift+Down Shift+Down
Select end of file Shift+Ctrl+End Shift+Cmd+Down Shift+Ctrl+End
Select end of line Shift+End Shift+Alt+Down Shift+End
Select left Shift+Left Shift+Left Shift+Left
Select next occurrence Ctrl+D Cmd+D Ctrl+D
Select next word Shift+Ctrl+Right Shift+Alt+Right Shift+Ctrl+Right
Select page down Shift+Page Down Shift+Page Down Shift+Page Down
Select page up Shift+Page Up Shift+Page Up Shift+Page Up
Select prev word Shift+Ctrl+Left Shift+Ctrl+Left Shift+Ctrl+Left
Select right Shift+Right Shift+Right Shift+Right
Show last hidden Shift+Ctrl+E Shift+Cmd+E Shift+Ctrl+E
Show palette Space Space Space
Split selection into lines Shift+Ctrl+L Shift+Cmd+L Shift+Ctrl+L
Step into F11 F11 F11
Step out Shift+F11 Shift+F11 Shift+F11
Step over F10 F10 F10
Stop debugger Shift+F5   Shift+F5
Switch to next tab Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
Switch to previous tab Shift+Ctrl+Tab Shift+Ctrl+Tab Shift+Ctrl+Tab
Tab Tab Tab Tab
Tilemap brush clockwise rotation Z Z Z
Tilemap brush horizontal flipping X X X
Tilemap brush vertical flipping Y Y Y
Toggle breakpoint F9 F9 F9
Toggle comment Ctrl+Slash Cmd+Slash Ctrl+Slash
Toggle component guides Ctrl+H Ctrl+Cmd+H Ctrl+H
Toggle pane bottom F7 F7 F7
Toggle pane left F6 F6 F6
Toggle pane right F8 F8 F8
Toggle visibility filters Shift+Ctrl+I Shift+Cmd+I Shift+Ctrl+I
Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Up Up Up Up
Up major Shift+Up Shift+Up Shift+Up
Zoom in Ctrl+'+' Cmd+'+' Ctrl+'+'
Zoom out Ctrl+'-' Cmd+'-' Ctrl+'-'

Customizing shortcuts

You can customize keyboard shortcuts by creating a configuration file (e.g. keymap.edn in your home directory). Then go into File ▸ Preferences, and set Path to custom keymap to the created file. You need to restart Defold after setting this setting, and every time you edit the keymap file.

You can see and download keymaps for: Windows, MacOS and Linux