Inter-app communication

Applications can on most operating systems be launched in several ways:

  • From the list of installed applications
  • From an application specific link
  • From a push notification
  • As the final step of an installation process.

In the case when the application is launched from a link, notification or when installed it is possible to pass additional arguments such as an install referrer when installing or a deep-link when launching from an application specific link or notification. Defold provides a unified way to get the information about how the application was invoked using a native extensions.

Installing the extension

To start using the Inter-app communication extension you need to add it as a dependency to your game.project file. The latest stable version is available with the dependency URL:

We recommend using a link to a zip file of a specific release.

Using the extension

The API is very easy to use. You provide the extension with a listener function and react to listener callbacks.

local function iac_listener(self, payload, type)
     if type == iac.TYPE_INVOCATION then
         -- This was an invocation
         print(payload.origin) -- origin may be empty string if it could not be resolved

function init(self)

Full documentation of the API is available on the extension GitHub page.

Did you spot an error or do you have a suggestion? Please let us know on GitHub!