Socket connections

Defold includes the LuaSocket library for creating TCP and UDP socket connections. Example of how to create a socket connection, sending some data and reading a response:

local client = socket.tcp()
client:connect("", 8123)
local response = client:receive("*l")

This will create a TCP socket, connect it to IP (localhost) and port 8123. It will set timeout to 0 to make the socket non-blocking and it will send the string “foobar” over the socket. It will also read a line of data (bytes ending with a newline character) from the socket. Note that the above example doesn’t contain any kind of error handling.

API Reference and examples

Refer to the API reference to learn more about the functionality available via LuaSocket. The official LuaSocket documentation also contains many examples of how to work with the library. There is also some examples and helper modules in the DefNet library.