App manifest

The application manifest is used to exclude or control which features to include in the engine. Excluding unused features of the engine is a recommended best practice since it will decrease the final binary size of your game.


Control which physics engine to use, or select None to exclude physics completely.

Exclude Record

Excluded the video recording capability from the engine (see the start_record message documentation).

Exclude Profiler

Exclude the profiler from the engine. The profiler is used for gathering performance and usage counters. Learn how to use the profiler in the Profiling manual.

Exclude Sound

Exclude all sound playing capabilities from the engine.

Exclude Input

Exclude all input handling from the engine.

Exclude Live Update

Exclude the Live Update functionality from the engine.

Exclude Basis Universal

Exclude the Basis Universal texture compression library from the engine.

Use Android Support Lib

Use the deprecated Android Support Library instead of Android X. More info.


Select which graphics backend to use.

  • OpenGL - Include only OpenGL.
  • Vulkan - Include only Vulkan.
  • OpenGL and Vulkan - Include both OpenGL and Vulkan. Vulkan will be the default and fall back to OpenGL if Vulkan is not available.