Editor preferences

You can modify the settings of the editor from the Preferences window. The preferences window is opened from the File -> Preferences menu.


Load External Changes on App Focus
Enables scanning for external changes when the editor receives focus.
Open Bundle Target Folder
Enables opening of the target bundle folder after bundling process is done.
Enable Texture Compression
Enables texture compression for all builds made from the editor.
Escape Quits Game
Shutdown a running build of your game using the Esc key.
Track Active Tab in Asset Browser
The file edited in selected tab in the Editor pane will be selected in the Asset Browser (also known as the Asset pane).
Path to custom keymap
Absolute path to a file containing custom keyboard shortcuts.


Custom Editor
Absolute path to an external editor. On macOS it should be the path to the executable inside the .app (eg /Applications/Atom.app/Contents/MacOS/Atom).
Open File
The pattern used by the custom editor to specify which file to open. The pattern {file} will be replaced by the filename to open.
Open File at Line
The pattern used by the custom editor to specify which file to open and on which line number. The pattern {file} will be replaced by the filename to open and {line} by the line number.
Code editor font
Name of a system installed font to use in the code editor. ◊


Build Server
URL to the build server used when building a project containing native extensions. It is possible to add a username and access token to the URL for authenticated access to the build server. Use the following notation to specify the username and access token: username:token@build.defold.com. Authenticated access is required for Nintendo Switch builds and when running your own build server instance with authentication enabled (refer to the build server documentation for more information). The username and password can also be set as the system environment variables DM_EXTENDER_USERNAME and DM_EXTENDER_PASSWORD.
Build Server Headers
additional headers to the build server when building native extensions. It’s important for using CloudFlare service or similar services with extender.