Windows development

Developing Defold applications for the Windows platform is a straight forward process with very few considerations to make.

Project settings

Windows specific application configuration is done from the Windows section of the game.project settings file.

Application icon

The application icon used for a Windows game must be in the .ico format. You can easily create a .ico file from a .png file using an online tool such as ICOConvert. Upload an image and use the following icon sizes:

Windows icon sizes


Q: Why are GUI box nodes without a texture transparent in the editor but show up as expected when I build and run?

A: This error can happen on computers using AMD Radeon GPUs. Make sure to update your graphics drivers.

Q: Why am I getting ‘ java.lang.Error: Access is denied’ when opening an atlas or a scene view?

A: Try running Defold as administrator. Right-click on the Defold executable and select “Run as Administrator”.