Game services

Using HTTP requests and socket connections allows you to connect to and interact with thousands of different services on the internet, but in most cases there’s more to it than simply making an HTTP request. You usually need to use some kind of authentication, the request data may need to be formatted in a certain way and the response may need to be parsed before it can be used. This can of course be done manually by you but there are also extensions and libraries to take care of this sort of thing for you. Below you’ll find a list of some extensions that can be used to more easily interact with specific backend services:

General purpose

  • Colyseus - Multiplayer game client
  • Nakama - Add authentication, matchmaking, analytics, cloud save, multiplayer, chat and more to your game
  • PlayFab - Add authentication, matchmaking, analytics, cloud save and more to your game
  • AWS SDK - Use Amazon Web Services from within your game

Authentication, leaderboards, achievements


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