Shoot bullets


This example shows how to dynamically spawn bullet game objects using a factory component and how to also move and delete the bullets. The setup consists of two game objects; one for the player and one for the bullet that is spawned using a factory component.

Combine this example with some of the examples from the movement and physics categories to create a shoot ‘em up game!

The red ship at the bottom. Contains:
  • A Sprite component with the spaceship image.
  • A Factory component to spawn bullet game objects
  • A script to handle spawning of bullets.
The bullet fired by the player. Contains:
  • A Sprite component with a bullet image.



function init(self)
	-- make sure the script will receive user input".", "acquire_input_focus")

function on_input(self, action_id, action)
	-- mouse or spacebar
	if (action_id == hash("touch") or action_id == hash("action")) and action.pressed then
		-- position bullet somewhat offset from the player position
		local pos = go.get_position()
		pos.y = pos.y + 50

		-- spawn a bullet
		local bullet_id = factory.create("#bulletfactory", pos)

		-- animate the bullet
		local distance = 1000                   -- distance in pixels
		local speed = 800                       -- pixels per second
		local duration = distance / speed       -- time in second to travel the full distance
		local to = pos.y + distance
		-- start animation and delete bullet when it has reached its destination
		go.animate(bullet_id, "position.y", go.PLAYBACK_ONCE_FORWARD, to, go.EASING_LINEAR, duration, 0, function()

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