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Windows 开发



Windows 相关设置位于game.project 文件的 Windows部分 .


Windows游戏的图标要使用 .ico 格式. 你可以拿一个 .png 文件, 使用ICOConvert 之类的在线工具生成 .ico 图标. 注意图标使用如下大小:

Windows icon sizes


Q: Why are GUI box nodes without a texture transparent in the editor but show up as expected when I build and run?

A: This error can happen on computers using AMD Radeon GPUs. Make sure to update your graphics drivers.

Q: Why am I getting ‘ java.lang.Error: Access is denied’ when opening an atlas or a scene view?

A: Try running Defold as administrator. Right-click on the Defold executable and select “Run as Administrator”.

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