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Windows 开发



Windows 相关设置位于game.project 文件的 Windows部分 .


Windows游戏的图标要使用 .ico 格式. 你可以拿一个 .png 文件, 使用ICOConvert 之类的在线工具生成 .ico 图标. 注意图标使用如下大小:

Windows icon sizes


Q: Why are GUI box nodes without a texture transparent in the editor but show up as expected when I build and run?

A: This error can happen on computers using AMD Radeon GPUs. Make sure to update your graphics drivers.

Q: The editor doesn’t start and the editor log shows “Caused by: java.awt.AWTError: Assistive Technology not found:”

A: This error is related to problems with Java assistive technology such as the NVDA screen reader. Try removing any file in your user’s home folder. Discussed here on the Defold forum.

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