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注册为 Nintendo Switch 开发者

标准版 Defold 不含 Nintendo Switch 开发工具. 如果需要使用 Defold 开发 Nintendo Switch 游戏, 你需要:

  1. 注册为 Defold 社区赞助者, 赞助者权益中包含 Nintendo Switch 开发权力.
  2. 在 Nintendo 注册为开发者.

注册为 Defold 社区赞助者享受 Nintendo Switch 开发权

Defold 社区捐款平台 上捐一定数量的款, 你就成为了一名拥有 Nintendo Switch 开发权的会员. 注意有些捐款选项不含 Nintendo Switch 开发权.

在 Nintendo 注册为开发者

去到 Nintendo 开发者中心 注册成为游戏开发者:

完成 Nintendo 开发者注册你就可以得到 Nintendo 平台的资源与开发工具, 也有权在 Nintendo 平台上发布自己的游戏.

Defold 支持申请

当你成功注册为 Nintendo 开发者之后首先要去 Nintendo 开发者中心下载必要工具然后在中间件页面申请 Defold 支持. 提交申请之后你会收到来自 Nintendo 的电子邮件用以确认你的 Nintendo 开发者身份. 然后 Defold 会对你的赞助者 Nintendo Switch 开发权进行核实.


  • Defold 编辑器及其命令行工具 (bob.jar) 包含 Nintendo Switch 发布功能的特别版.
  • Nintendo Switch 技术支持私人讨论组.
  • Nintendo Switch 相关文档.
  • Nintendo Switch 相关引擎API.


Q: Why is Nintendo Switch access not free?

A: One of the objectives of the Defold Foundation is to make sure that the Defold software is available to developers world-wide and that the source code is available free of charge. The Defold Foundation will never compromise on this objective, but in this case access to the Nintendo Switch SDK, tools and resources is strictly controlled by Nintendo. This means that the source code for the Nintendo Switch platform implementation in Defold, including the editor and command line tools, can not be made available. This also means that the Defold Foundation is unable to receive community contributions to the code and documentation and it is the foundation which must provide all of the support and updates to the platform for as long as it is required to. The Nintendo Switch access fee will help ensure that the foundation has the resources necessary to support the platform.

Q: Do I need to install additional tools to build for Nintendo Switch?

A: You will be able to create application bundles directly from both the Defold editor and command line tools. Information about how to test on Nintendo Switch hardware will be provided to you when you are given access to the Nintendo Switch platform.

Q: Is it still easy to use a single code base if I decide to also target the Nintendo Switch platform?

A: Yes, all of the standard Defold API functions are available also for the Nintendo Switch platform. In addition to the standard functionality you will also have access to a couple of Nintendo Switch specific functions, but in general the code should be able to remain exactly the same across multiple platforms.

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